Music and Theater

Through drama classes children will gain:

FUN!!! – Drama brings play, humor, and laughter to learning. Motivation is improved. Stress is reduced.

Improved selfconfidence and selfworth – Taking risks in class and during performances allows students to trust their ideas and abilities. This is helpful in all areas of life!

Use of imagination and creative process – Making creative choices, thinking of new ideas and interpreting familiar material in new ways are the heart of drama and theater. Einstein said, “Imagination if more important than knowledge.” This is not just developed through the acting, but also through costuming, makeup and set design.

Communication skills, selfexpression and,public speaking –  
Both verbal and nonverbalbecome more enhanced with the expression of ideas. Comfort in these areas is developed and
may even become fun! Not to mention listening to the others during drama games is important, too.
Problem solving and critical thinking – Students learn to communicate the who, what, where, and why to an audience. Improve fosters quick thinking of solutions and adaptability.
Trust – Social interaction and risk taking in drama develop trust in self, others, and process.

Ability to work in ensembles and groups to achieve a goal – The combination of creative ideas and the abilities of the participants includes discussing, negotiating, rehearsing and performing as one. Great peer acceptance is also an important outcome.

Selfdiscipline – Moving from idea to action to performance teaches the value of practice and perseverance. Selfcontrol is improved.

Increased empathy, acceptance of feedback, others and feelings – Roles from different situations, time periods and cultures promotes compassion and tolerance.

Concentration – All of the parts of drama develop the focus of mind, body, and voice. Expanded ability to rememberrehearsing and performing works, movements, and cues strengthens this skill.

Appreciation for the theater – and the legends, myths, poems, stories and plays they will be exposed to. It also promotes the importance of reading Earn Points for International Thespian Society

All classes can earn points towards the International Thespian Society. Each completed hour/ point will be counted and included in a letter of completion to each student. This letter can be sent to your local Thespian chapter to receive your points, bars, and stars. If your school has a thespian chapter established these can be given to your chapter leader.


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